Does this sound like you?

  • You started your business, worked your *** off to be happy, to build a profitable business and have a better life.  Yes?
  • Entrepreneurship was supposed to be about freedom and happiness, right?
  • However right now, being an entrepreneur doesn’t feel so fulfilling anymore, does it?
  • Now you feel overwhelmed with your business. It is the same old shit, same problems, same situations every day. No more passion, no more WHY.
  • You sometimes feel like a prisoner of your own business.
  • And all you wanted is to be happy and lead a purposeful and meaningful business and life.
  • You already know life/business is not about chasing goals and money.
  • You still want both PROFIT and IMPACT, as well as sense of PURPOSE, JOY and FULFILLMENT in business (yes, the big concept: spirituality in business).

You are not alone. My name is Kristina. I am a serial entrepreneur, book and blog author, founder of Business Café movement and I believe that we are here be happy, to lead purposeful, meaningful businesses and life.


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