Does this sound like you?

  • You started your business, worked your *** off to be happy, to build a profitable business and have a better life.  Yes?
  • Entrepreneurship was supposed to be about freedom and happiness, right?
  • However right now, being an entrepreneur doesn’t feel so fulfilling anymore, does it?
  • Now you feel overwhelmed with your business. It is the same old shit, same problems, same situations every day. No more passion, no more WHY.
  • You sometimes feel like a prisoner of your own business.
  • And all you wanted is to be happy and lead a purposeful and meaningful business and life.
  • You already know life/business is not about chasing goals and money.
  • You still want both PROFIT and IMPACT, as well as sense of PURPOSE, JOY and FULFILLMENT in business.

You are not alone.

How can I help you?

  • I build businesses and I can help you build yours too.
  • I can help you open your eyes. I can open some doors for you.
  • I can teach you to build your business without burning out.
  • It’s your business. Your life. Your rules. Let me help you rewrite them so you can stay happy and fullfilled.

Kristina’s brand new 70-page ebook is now available!

Many people start their own businesses in order to be happy and free. However, they end up having it all but with a hunch that something is still missing and/or just overwhelmed with work. How do you measure success? Profit? What about impact and joy? This book is exactly about that.

You can purchase the Kindle version on Amazon for €5 at

You can order the PDF version by paying €5 to IBAN: HR1723600001102606921 (SWIFT: ZABA HR 2X) and then sending an email to to confirm you made the transaction. The PDF will be emailed to you right afterwards.

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