You are

  • A small/medium sized entrepreneur
  • Want to change something in your business, so you can increase both your PROFIT and IMPACT as well as to experience more JOY and FULFILLMENT in your work
  • Want to create and sell your franchise
  • Want to sell your business and move into something else

If you would like to SHIFT your business and your life to a new level, welcome.


Our way of building a business/your steps to a change 

  • We will remember how it all began and WHY you do it
  • Time for reality check (using mystery shopping and other methods)
  • We will work ON your business, not only IN it
  • We will set up a system so your business can work without you
  • We will attract and learn to keep outstanding employees
  • We will improve sales and customer service processes
  • We will build your network so you can build your networth
  • We will identify and create multiple sources of passive income
  • We will prepare your company for sale in case you wish that
  • We will learn and apply many of time and energy techniques so we can continue to build our business without getting burned out

Here are my gifts for you

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