You are a successful entrepreneur and you’ve achieved (almost) everything you ever wanted but still there is something missing. You have the money and all those things and now what?

Research says two thing make us happy and FULLFILLED in the long run.
1. Meaningful Work and
2. Close Relationships

So, if you want to feel FULLFILLED let’s TRANSFORM your BUSINESS so it gives you both PROFIT, JOY and IMPACT, and GET YOU CONNECTED to YOUR TRIBE of likeminded people


SHIFT METHOD – STEPS on our journey together:

1. We start with YOU – you disconnect from everything and everyone and connect with our heart so you can find and set up your own business and life rules. Because for things to change we must change.

2. You start to work ON your Business not IN it, smarter not harder.

3. Business detox – you simplify and again simplify everything and set up a system

4. We attract and keep great employees

5. You set up a really great customer service culture

6. We identify and set up multiple passive income sources for you e.g. franchise etc.

7. We find your tribe and get you connected that is why Business Cafe is here at Business Cafe

8. You start to lead consciously and always do the right things

9. You give back. A lot.

10. You sell your business if you want to.


You will feel full of energy, free and fulfilled and enjoy a better quality of life and business.

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