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As described on homepage we learn to WORK ON your business and not just IN it, and we do everything so that your business can work without you and you can lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

October 26,27
November 30, December 1

What do people say about it

After a weekend of workshop with Kristina and fellow entrepreneurs I realized the steps to keep my business going (better). The wonderful thing is that in a few words she says a lot. I love her simple and street smart examples which I always remember during the bad times. I learned more than ever, all of being applicable completely. Thank you. The action plan is in progress.
— Anita Vadas, Atmarama
Although I’ve been my own boss for almost 30 years, Kristina inspired my numerous aha! moments in this workshop.
—​ Sanja Penic, DigBIZ
I had trouble writting back immediately after our group workshop because it was too fast for me to comprehend the benefit I received through our amity. I join the Building Your Business group due to my husband’s urging. Neither did I wanted to join nor did I had thought it was something I need which is why I started the whole thing with certain skepticism and an attitude which was negative at the very outset. Today, a few months later, I can reflect on the experience — getting to know you, I’d finally met myself. Because of your positive attitude and constant reminders for us to work on ourselves, I found out who I am, where am I headed, what do I want and the most important of all: that I should be gentle with myself. I’ve devoted time to myself, rejected all burdens and loads of negative people around me and I pushed away all situations that make me negative. I see things completely clearer and I know that everything happens for a reason. Thank you for making me a part of your project and for enabling me, both directly and through contacts to whom you addressed me with, to discover myself and that means a lot. I am fulfilled and happy. See you at Business Cafés.
— Lea Brigljevic, entrepreneur from Zagreb

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