Research shows that mindset and networking are the two out of seven major challenges that we face as entrepreneurs.

We can try to do everything on our own, but we can also get out of the day-to-day survival mode, make time for ourselves, strategic thinking about our work and life, consult with colleagues, experienced entrepreneurs, who are not our competitors and benevolently see our work from a neutral perspective.

It takes only one idea. One contact to make our business grow and to change our life. And we already know this to be true — you are who you hang out with — because whom we socialize with is crucial for success.

Who is it for

This unique prolonged weekend is intended for experienced entrepreneurs who wish to take their life and business to a higher level. Capacity is limited to 10 places.

Why should I come, what can I expect

– MEET NEW PEOPLE, fellow entrepreneurs of extensive experience who operate in and from several countries
– LEARN AND GROW — to acquire new knowledge and invaluable insights about yourself and your own business
– COWORK — go through important tasks and possible remnants, in peace and a relaxing atmosphere

2018 edition

A new retreat is in the making. More information soon.

From clients who attended our first weekend retreat

The first retreat was successfully held on October 4, 2015 in Mokrin’s HOUSE OF IDEAS, Serbia.


Expectations were moderate: socializing, learning, good food, beautiful place… and all which goes with that. But what I got is above any expectation because aside all predictable, what appeared was a cognition of my self, the self from a different time… a smiling, happy and sociable person. I hadn’t died after all! I learned how to, with all the work, get back both the glory and the beauty of life itself! For that, Kristina, thank you.
— Senka Vranic, entrepreneur from Okucani

Kristina, thank you for the stillness of leading towards and the ease of descent to insight, related to doing business. Special thanks to your effort in creating the conditions for connecting the brain and the body through inspiration, intuition and enjoyment of food and conversation. As a result  I feel that my doubts and old programs are backing down and now I have a clear idea of what should be my next step, which I plan on taking as an entrepreneur.
— Anna Kononenko, entrepreneur from Belgrade

Dear Kristina, first of all thank you for making the world a better place by example!!! You are a Big Mother who embraces and connects, encourages others! Secondly I thank you for making me a part of this retreat, thank you for giving me a bunch of new incentives, knowledge and ideas, support (and a special healing treatment). Organization of the retreat was excellent, the people really dear and friendly, ambiance for work and vacation remarkable, superb. I hope that your kindness and openness to life will continue to touch others and teach them that all of us are whole healthy beings ready to live life to the fullest!
— Marijana Kukic, entrepreneur from Kikinda

Many thanks, I had a wonderful time on our trip, I actually got what I wanted which was inspiration to go on, ideas for the new and a feeling that I am not alone (although I live on an island ).
— Anamarija Pazin Morovic, entrepreneur from Zagreb

The retreat has been phenomenal! I learned a lot about myself and my reoccuring patterns and beliefs which are naturally transmitted from the personal to the business playing field. The retreat had an awakening effect on me. I am very grateful to Kristina for the opportunity to participate and I wholeheartily recommend this to anyone who wants to get to know themselves better and upgrade their business.
— Sasa Jovanovic, entrepreneur from Belgrade

See you