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After a weekend of workshop with Kristina and fellow entrepreneurs I realized the steps to keep my business going (better). The wonderful thing is that in a few words she says a lot. I love her simple and street smart examples which I always remember during the bad times. I learned more than ever, all of being applicable completely. Thank you. The action plan is in progress.
— Anita Vadas, Atmarama
Although I’ve been my own boss for almost 30 years, Kristina inspired my numerous aha! moments in this workshop.
—​ Sanja Penic, DigBIZ
I had trouble writting back immediately after our group workshop because it was too fast for me to comprehend the benefit I received through our amity. I join the Building Your Business group due to my husband’s urging. Neither did I wanted to join nor did I had thought it was something I need which is why I started the whole thing with certain skepticism and an attitude which was negative at the very outset. Today, a few months later, I can reflect on the experience — getting to know you, I’d finally met myself. Because of your positive attitude and constant reminders for us to work on ourselves, I found out who I am, where am I headed, what do I want and the most important of all: that I should be gentle with myself. I’ve devoted time to myself, rejected all burdens and loads of negative people around me and I pushed away all situations that make me negative. I see things completely clearer and I know that everything happens for a reason. Thank you for making me a part of your project and for enabling me, both directly and through contacts to whom you addressed me with, to discover myself and that means a lot. I am fulfilled and happy. See you at Business Cafés.
— Lea Brigljevic, entrepreneur from Zagreb

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Kristina — serial entrepreneur, book and blog author, founder of Business Café movement.