I like direct solutions. Concrete action. Now and immediately. No beating around the bush. No lamentations. No excuses. Without wasting your or my time.

It takes longer than one hour to fundamentally change certain things, but sometimes all we really have is one question, one puzzle, we need a contact, to hear a second opinion. Entrepreneurs usually ask me how to get to a specific person, how to sell their company, how to attract quality employees and the like. And that is why I am here for you in this way.

The cost of one hour of counseling, live or Skype, is 750 HRK / 100 EUR.

Tell us which time works best for you at info@zaokret.com

What do people say about it

Thank you for a fantastic, constructive and informatively packed two-hour consultation! For me it was, on the one hand, an absolute filling with your incredibly strong, positive, entrepreneurial energy and the persistence with which you radiate and, on the other hand, an absolute utilization of all the information you helped me obtain! I advise everyone who either plan to or had already dived in the entrepreneurial world to consider this a must! I look forward to our further encounters!
— Antonija Pisarovic, entrepreneur
 With Kristina Ercegovic it is enough just to drink coffee and talk about the weather forecast and get enough tailwind for the next 6 months of working through all problems.
— Vesna Kozjak

Kristina, thank you so much for everything. This was just the thing we needed, we now have in my mind all the requirements for our forecoming growth.
— Ilija Brajkovic, serial entrepreneur

Kristina helped me to define the direction in which I should go with my work, with a lot of tangible and applicable tips and of course contacts that are already bringing me benefits. Since I am a mother with two small children and I balance between the roles of a mother, wive, housewive and entrepreneur, she greatly easened my everyday life through her advice and support. And once again the saying proved correct: Every coach needs a coach. Thank you Kristina!
— Danijela Medakovic, coach, Inkubator srece, www.tapkanje.eu


See you. ​

Kristina — serial entrepreneur, book and blog author, founder of Business Café movement.