Build Your Business

“After a weekend of workshop with Kristina and fellow entrepreneurs I realized the steps to keep my business going (better). The wonderful thing is that in a few words she says a lot. I love her simple and street smart examples which I always remember during the bad times. I learned more than ever, all of being applicable completely. Thank you. The action plan is in progress.”

Anita Vadas, Atmarama

“Although I’ve been my own boss for almost 30 years, Kristina inspired my numerous aha! moments in this workshop.”

Sanja Penic, DigBIZ

“The current dynamics of life pulls us away from the fundamental principles and often isolates us within our microworlds regardless of the number of people whom we encounter. Everything in it is prearranged, rightly or wrongly, and we are too often inert in changing ourselves or our frameworks, unaware of stagnation. Kristina will ‘shake’ you with a smile on her face which she will immediately transfer to you. You will come to know your potential in a better fashion in the company of people similar to yourself, you will also get to know them in a friendly way and will want to keep them in your surroundings, you will open up to new possibilities of success. And yes, you will most definitely experience the necessary SHIFT, that extra enthusiasm without which even the best projects go down the drain.”

Zdravko Govedarica, innovator and entrepreneur from Zagreb

“I had trouble writting back immediately after our group workshop because it was too fast for me to comprehend the benefit I received through our amity. I join the Building Your Business group due to my husband’s urging. Neither did I wanted to join nor did I had thought it was something I need which is why I started the whole thing with certain skepticism and an attitude which was negative at the very outset. Today, a few months later, I can reflect on the experience — getting to know you, I’d finally met myself. Because of your positive attitude and constant reminders for us to work on ourselves, I found out who I am, where am I headed, what do I want and the most important of all: that I should be gentle with myself. I’ve devoted time to myself, rejected all burdens and loads of negative people around me and I pushed away all situations that make me negative. I see things completely clearer and I know that everything happens for a reason. Thank you for making me a part of your project and for enabling me, both directly and through contacts to whom you addressed me with, to discover myself and that means a lot. I am fulfilled and happy. See you at Business Cafés.”

Lea Brigljevic, entrepreneur from Zagreb

“This type of a program is what should be considered required reading for every start-up entrepreneur, richly experienced entrepreneur or a person who only intends to enter entrepreneurial waters. Kristina is an inexhaustible source of incentive information and ideas. She transmitts her knowledge with such ease, carefully listening to our problems in business and giving clear and constructive guidance. She managed working with a group of entrepreneurs from different industries and achieving synergies, instilling the necessary confidence in our own businesses and defining realistic goals which we simply couldn’t perceive on our own. Also, Kristina is trying to help on an individual level, she is always available to talk and her willingness in connecting and networking you with other entrepreneurs truly leaves you speechless.”

Darijan Kosic, Aquilia Unio

“After I took the workshop on Sunday, I could not sleep. I had a beehive of ideas in my head and couldn’t wait for Monday to share them with my team. We introduced new rules and written procedures for our agency but the first thing I did was to stick post-its on everyone’s monitors saying: I AM ENOUGH. Kristina along with entrepreneurs in my group helped me figure out that I’m not alone and that there is someone who understands my problems.”

Maja Puskaric, D. Point Creative Agency

Business Café

“The turning point in our business happened when reading a magazine I came across an article written by Kristina Ercegovic on networking of women entrepreneurs. The article talked about new technologies, the use of business social networks and the importance of networking. I knew that this was exactly what I needed and that out there, there had to be new clients. I had the opportunity to present myself and my business, and to meet other male and female entrepreneurs. I found out new things, got new experiences that connected me with people, and in one and a half year the number of my clients increased for more than fifty percent. We are proud sponsors of Business Café. People who believe in Business Café will most likely trust every sponsor whom Kristina trusts.”

Ivona Platnar, CEO of Biro 59 accounting firm

“No man is an island”, said Hemingway, and “Nobody is alone“, said Kristina Ercegović and thus reversed upside down all what we thought about entrepreneurs – because we used to think how everyone makes his/her own entrepreneurial story and how entrepreneurship is a synonym for independence, but also for separation from others. And so I became a part of Business Café, and have been watching for a few years how Business Café has been spreading throughout the region of Southeastern Europe, becoming little by little a place every entrepreneur should visit when he/she needs a new energy and understanding from the people like him/her.”

Andrea Šitum, owner of portals and 4 Seasons Croatia

“I am also enthralled! Very pleasant evening in a good company of interesting people. (…) Business Café is a great place for all small businesses, not just an event, it is also a place where a lot of concrete partnerships are arranged. At Business Café I met one of the business founders I invested in. A great story to recommend. See you there. (…) BC has a great influence – I just talked to a person who was at the BC in Zagreb when I was the invited speaker, and is now working in a hotel in Istria at the reception.”

Davorin Štetner – owner of Kreator group, the youngest owner of the rights to Formula 1, president of CRANE, Croatian Network of Business Angels and member of the Council for Economic Affairs of the President of the Republic Croatia Mrs. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović

“What is the most important for the audience like this one, and this audience is an exceptional one, is a person who will not tell them that the most important thing is to write a business plan, but someone who will make them relax and tell them not to underestimate the others, and especially not themselves. Young people today are afraid to start a business because they think they are not ready. Today my message has been that you are ready because it is the reason you have come here. A bird sitting on a branch of a tree is not afraid that the branch under it will break, because it has wings. Do not rely on the present situation, or circumstances – have trust in yourself. I think this is the right moment to be brave. Young people who are thinking about entrepreneurship are the future of Serbia and every day I want to support them.”

Miša Lukić, founder of marketing agency Leo Burnett and CEO of Publicis One Central and Eastern Europe

Working One on One

“Thank you for a fantastic, constructive and informatively packed two-hour consultation! For me it was, on the one hand, an absolute filling with your incredibly strong, positive, entrepreneurial energy and the persistence with which you radiate and, on the other hand, an absolute utilization of all the information you helped me obtain! I advise everyone who either plan to or had already dived in the entrepreneurial world to consider this a must! I look forward to our further encounters!”

Antonija Pisarovic, entrepreneur

“With Kristina Ercegovic it is enough just to drink coffee and talk about the weather forecast and get enough tailwind for the next 6 months of working through all problems.”

Vesna Kozjak

“Kristina, thank you so much for everything. This was just the thing we needed, we now have in my mind all the requirements for our forecoming growth.”

Ilija Brajkovic, serial entrepreneur

“Kristina helped me to define the direction in which I should go with my work, with a lot of tangible and applicable tips and of course contacts that are already bringing me benefits. Since I am a mother with two small children and I balance between the roles of a mother, wive, housewive and entrepreneur, she greatly easened my everyday life through her advice and support. And once again the saying proved correct: Every coach needs a coach. Thank you Kristina!”

Danijela Medakovic, coach, Inkubator srece,

From Corporation to Entrepreneurship – How and Where to Start?

“Here I am, after the first impressions leveled out. I read the messages we received at the workshop and I pick this one: If we choose to grow we need to work SMART, not work more. I chose to grow, and it was a smart decision – I went to the workshop: From corporation to entrepreneurship. Kristina, thank you for all the advice, it will be very useful as I’ll start working and elaborating ideas. I was pleasantly surprised by the few hours we had spent. The workshop is very useful and the acquired acquaintances invaluable.”

Tanja Rubčić

Business Retreat

“Expectations were moderate: socializing, learning, good food, beautiful place… and all which goes with that. But what I got is above any expectation because aside all predictable, what appeared was a cognition of my self, the self from a different time… a smiling, happy and sociable person. I hadn’t died after all! I learned how to, with all the work, get back both the glory and the beauty of life itself! For that, Kristina, thank you.”

Senka Vranic, entrepreneur from Okucani

“Kristina, thank you for the stillness of leading towards and the ease of descent to insight, related to doing business. Special thanks to your effort in creating the conditions for connecting the brain and the body through inspiration, intuition and enjoyment of food and conversation. As a result — I feel that my doubts and old programs are backing down and now I have a clear idea of what should be my next step, which I plan on taking as an entrepreneur.”

Anna Kononenko, entrepreneur from Belgrade

“Dear Kristina, first of all thank you for making the world a better place by example!!! You are a Big Mother who embraces and connects, encourages others! Secondly I thank you for making me a part of this retreat, thank you for giving me a bunch of new incentives, knowledge and ideas, support (and a special healing treatment). Organization of the retreat was excellent, the people really dear and friendly, ambiance for work and vacation remarkable, superb. I hope that your kindness and openness to life will continue to touch others and teach them that all of us are whole healthy beings ready to live life to the fullest!”

Marijana Kukic, entrepreneur from Kikinda

“Many thanks, I had a wonderful time on our trip, I actually got what I wanted which was inspiration to go on, ideas for the new and a feeling that I am not alone (although I live on an island ).”

Anamarija Pazin Morovic, entrepreneur from Zagreb

“The retreat has been phenomenal! I learned a lot about myself and my reoccuring patterns and beliefs which are naturally transmitted from the personal to the business playing field. The retreat had an awakening effect on me. I am very grateful to Kristina for the opportunity to participate and I wholeheartily recommend this to anyone who wants to get to know themselves better and upgrade their business.”

Sasa Jovanovic, entrepreneur from Belgrade