I must admit. From time to time, I also forget that common sense is not so common.

Sometimes I feel frustrated by the terror of positive thinking, the pressure nowadays around us saying that we should only think positive thoughts because we attract what we think and that all shit we see around us is actually our shit and other people are just our mirrors. (Ok, I still have the problem seeing how all shit in economy where I live reflects my way of doing business, or how my son doesn’t want to study for school and all he can see from me is how I work and learn all day).

People say we must watch our every single thought because if we think negatively we might even get sick.

In case you even joke that The Law of Attraction doesn’t work (for you, right now, 100%) you will most probably be attacked that it is your fault because you are not doing something good enough or long enough.

Then, there are people who think life is about visualization, you just think of something and bam there it is. But, where is action? Action is an essential part for The Law of Attraction to work. We will not get rich by sitting in a coffee shop visualizing to be rich, at least we will have to get up and go to that coffee shop.

Once I heard Dr. Mel Gill say we might not get what we want and what we think about, but we will get what we need for sure.

In several self-help books I recently read, I saw that we will not get what we think about but what we are.

At first I did not understand this, I thought, wait a minute. I am more or less a nice and an ok person, even too much at disposal to others so how did so many negative things happen to me.

Then I heard Lisa Nichols talk that everything is attracted to light. That sounded cool and calmed me down; at least it was nice for my ego.

I somehow managed to quite my crazy mind down with the explanation that we will get everything that we need, everything that is ours, both negative and positive experiences, all of them needed for our growth.

Problems we face are a part of our life journey.

Our life and we are much bigger than current problems we face.

If we are currently sick, it is not our fault, it is part of our journey, a necessary part, and we need this experience to learn from it. Our body communicates that way with us. We definitely remain responsible to change it when and if we want to, but we are not guilty nor less spiritual when shit happens to us.

Enjoy your journey.

In addition, regarding terror of positive thinking, say bye bye to it, because when someone dies, or you break up an important relationship, or whatever happens that makes you sad, it is normal to feel sad and that life as you know it falls apart. You, who sit next to the person whose life just fell apart, don’t try to comfort him/her by saying everything happens for a reason and is best for us, let that person feel all the emotions they need to feel, be there for them, hug them, shut up, just listen and be there. Be human.

When we sometimes feel so called negative emotions and think negatively means only one thing – we are normal human beings.

All emotions are necessary and normal. Feel them. Be human.

Do not be ashamed of them.

Think positively yes, when it is your proper choice.

Finally let me answer the question from the title.

For years, I have been pushing my emotions and thinking positive thoughts no matter what.

Reason – fear that what you feel you attract. I was also convinced I am less spiritual if I get angry with someone for stealing my partner, cheating me, taking what is mine, copying my brand etc.

To conclude – be what you are, not always and at any cost positive.

The world does not need another fake smile from you to like you.

The world needs a real you.