…is something a fellow author and consultant told me recently.

While Iceland requires proof of equal pay, in the country I live in men discuss what rights will they take away from women and the Catholic Church publishes books written by women telling other women to listen to their husbands like they are Gods.

Although it is 2017, we still have an issue of the so-called glass ceiling. No matter what we say, it exists – more so in corporations and less in entrepreneurship.

Being an entrepreneur means being your own boss, so if you are a female entrepreneur you can create an environment that you like. Your business, your rules, right?

That means no more complaints, no more excuses. And what happens next?

We usually compete with other women.  Criticize them for not being a superwomen, an ideal we invented.

Remember those surveys usually saying women prefer a male boss, well I am thinking maybe it is because of that sentence in the title. In order to succeed in a man’s world women play like men. In the end, no one is happy with that.

It is always a problem when we are not authentic and are not being ourselves.

It is time we redefine entrepreneurship, and the way we do business, as well as happiness and success.

It is time we stop competing in who is a bigger victim or the mystical superwoman and help each other with kids and other matters.

It is time we take our lives in our hands, network with other women and men, and be human.

It is time we put ourselves before our business. Before everything and everyone. In the first place.

It is time we redefine the rules of entrepreneurship, it is time to lead from the heart, with emotions.

If you are a woman, it is time you run your business the feminine way.

P.S. I admit it. I left one FB group recently – too much emotions and feminine energy for me. No one is perfect. But I am always a student. And trying really hard. 😀