I am about to finish my new book and one of the chapters is a note to my younger self – what would we say to ourselves when we start our entrepreneurial journey. I asked 50 entrepreneurs from 10 countries to share their notes with me.

With so many interesting answers, one thing was in common for all – RELAX, DON’T WORRY, DON’T WAIT, ACT AS SOON AS YOU CAN. AND ALWAYS, ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION.

Others recognized the importance who we spend time and do business with, and how setting up a standard operating procedures – having everything defined in written, having all contracts in written was crucial.

My favourite answer was – Nothing will go as planned, and that is the point.

So to conclude, let’s be wise now, before we get old and listen to our wiser, more experienced self and RELAX.Less worry, more action.