Have you ever been to a Third World country as a tourist and you wanted to buy something, let’s say a hand made souvenir from a local person. And then you negotiated a lower price. A lower price to a person who in her lifetime can never earn as much as your monthly salary.

Have you ever worked in a Purchasing Department of some Corporation, and you negotiated such a low price from a local entrepreneur, or a single mom entrepreneur that they can barley exist with that. And you said you will pay them in 60, 90 days because it is your policy and (you couldn’t care less about theirs). Maybe then you were „cool“ in front of your boss making so many thousands of euros savings. Maybe then that entrepreneurs’ kid lost his bike, his school trip money or similar. I’ve worked for 5 years in a Purchasing Department of one Corporation. I know how it goes.

Deeds, not words are what counts.

Sometimes (yes, even in business) we should simply DO THE RIGHT THING, the one we know DEEP DOWN in our heart and soul it is right one, regardless of company rules and procedures, return on investment, and similar.

Sometimes we need to give back the money to a hotel guest even though he paid for the weekend but his kid ended up in hospital and he can’t enjoy his trip.

All it sometimes takes is a little common sense and humanity to make us feel happy and fulfilled, to be human, but unfortunately it is too rare to find it.